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The Charente region is under the Atlantic ocean's benefic influence and takes advantage of one of the brightest sunlight in France which give opportunity for high quality grass. Its limestone soils allow to build horses with stong and hardened limbs.
These last parameters combined with the constant adaptation to an expecting demand contribute to get horses well bred to achieve physical efforts without altering their deep generosity. Anglo-Arabs share a blood quality and a remarkable ability towards obstacles which is a determinant criterion for a breeder to select his studs.
Numerous performers have Anglo-Arabs sires bred in Charente, some are even born on this Land like Jiva, Prudena, Petite d'Or, Tonnerre de Brest, Olifant Charriere and others just as a number of stallions amongst whom you can find Zeus , Phosph'or, Jouant de Frely, Pesant d'Or, Prince du logis, Elik de Chabot.
Lot of performers born in Charente:
  • JIVA (Amiral AA) ISO 181
  • PIMPECHE (Jumbo du Poncel SF) ISO 172
  • JHANSI (Cethim AA) ISO 172
  • PHOSPH' OR (Unicol' or AA) ISO 165
  • FIDELITE A (Arlequin AA) ISO 164
  • NAM-DINH DU LOGIS (Arlequin AA) ISO 163